It is easy to describe who we are, Rione Carducci Moda Italiana is an artisan company founded in 2002 by Daniela Gallo Ricci, in Rome.

The brand is distinguishes for the enhancement of 100% Italian fine yarns through research into fabrics and processing with looms and artisan machines.

To better understand who we are, explore our original and exclusive collections, customizable every detail build a sensory experience that caresses the body but also the soul of the wearer.

A unique vision and constant quality over time places Rione Carducci among the best brands of Italian fashion , appreciated by an increasingly large audience of women who love to feel unique.

The careful look at the world of fashion and good taste, attention to design, creativity, passion and intuition are the pillars on which the Rione Carducci universe is built, of which the S / S 2019 collection is the most recent expression.

Shoulder garments, dresses, capsule collection , but also accessories and bijoux, intended for every woman, who - like every Rione Carducci garment - is something absolutely unique and precious.

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