Finally online. In the last twenty years, we have created our collection, we have watched it grow and become part of the lives of very many women. But now we want to give all of you the possibility to try our new expression of fashion. Rione Carducci of today is also a fashion house on the World Wide Web, where you will find only clothes entirely made by Italian artisans.

Yes, a fashion house, because is more than e-commerce: it is a virtual atelier, where the artisans meet their client in a rapport of mutual esteem and confidence, which is the beauty of the boutiques and the ateliers of times past.

We want to know your tastes, the rhythm of your days, what you like to do in your spare time, to be able to anticipate your desires and give you the pleasure of an outfit which exalts even your inner beauty, with the guarantee of 100% Italian quality.

For this, Rione Carducci does not offer you an endless quantity of clothes exactly the same, but small collections of a few iconic examples, ready immediately, or made to order: choose the perfect colours for your skin, and have a unique model, made for you.

All that we ask is a little patience: the well-made artisanal product cannot be hurried, as well as the materials, created by selected Italian factories who work for the most prestigious haute-couture houses.

To Cashwool and wool, much loved by our clients, today is added even velvet and silk, the finest jersey and natural viscose. RioneCarducci curates their clothes down to the smallest particular, including the entire process of production, maintaining from the thread to the finished material and to the clothing the great Italian artisanal tradition of weaving and of precious threads.

Rione Carducci was born in Rome and has been sold in Tokyo, Düsseldorf, London, Australia and Spain for many years.

Artisanship has a great value, made from research and passion. I recognise a minimalistic taste, a discreet addition and subtraction, where taste is indispensable “: words of Daniela Gallo Ricci, heart and soul of Rione Carducci

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